France trip in the Durance valley

We look forward to a fun and exciting week with you.


This summer from June 12th to 18th, 2022 we are organizing a Kayaktrip to the beautiful whitewater rivers of the Durance Valley in Southern France. Our camp is placed at the campsite of New Rabioux right next to the "Rabioux ". So even after our daily trips, we can have some "freestyle sessions" next to the campsite in a relaxed BBQ atmosphere or just relax by the river around the campfire. From May to July all rivers in the area carry enough water, so we can look forward to nice days with smooth “stoneless” descents. The area boasts beautiful whitewater rivers such as the Durance, Guil, Drac Blanc, Drac, Ubaye, Guisane, Bonne, and many more nice and challenging rivers.

Skill level

We will start the week kayaking on the Durance to determine everyone’s skill level. Depending on the experience level we will split into different groups to give everyone the opportunity to challenge themselves and improve their skillset. We plan to run rivers in the difficulty level of WW 2-4. We will come by bus and trailer but depending on the group size we will need your cars to assist in the riverside shuttle. Our experienced guides will guide you down the river and will tailor the course to your wishes. Depending on your interests we can include a training day on the Durance slalom track.

Extra info

During our trip we will also take photos, which you can of course have free of charge afterwards. If you like we can help you with reservations for accommodation. There is plenty of choice in the Durance valley from our camp at the new Rabioux campsite to bungalows.


We start on Monday with our trips.


80€ pro Person per day without equipment

100€ pro Person per day with equipment

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