Become a stronger kayaker on the Soča river or other destinations!

With 10 years of experience in teaching whitewater kayaking techniques, we want to improve your "boating" with the following programs.

What do we stand for?

The best location

The emerald river Soča in the heart of the Julian Alps is our most important training area. We know him like the back of our hand. Soča offers the best playground to start whitewater kayaking or to do it seriously. Want to kayak somewhere else? Drop us a message below.

Our goals

We want to boost your kayaking with training different skills. We strongly believe that teaching modern technique is the best way to go and makes kayaking easier. Modern style includes different type of paddle strokes like power-, forward- and steering strokes. We want to teach you how to use the upper- and lower body in combination with these strokes to make your kayak do what you want to. We also pay attention to read waterlines to make sure you know how to use them in your advantage!

professional coaching

All of our trainers are licensed instructors and rescuers that you can kayak in a safe environment. To ensure that time is spent well on the river, we accept a maximum of 5 clients per trainer in our courses. Are you a larger group? No problem, just let us know below!


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Where to find us

Čezsoča, 5230 Bovec, Slovenia


00 386 31 563 464


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