Hallo, we are Alpin Kayak Academy

We are a small team of licensed trainers who provide individual training for single persons and groups. Our goal is to take your kayaking skills to the next level by training you in the latest techniques. Our base is located in the Soča Valley and the courses take place on the Rivers Soča and Koritnica. You want to go somewhere else? Just write us a message. We also offer kayak trips to different places in Europe where you can explore new rivers in a safe environment. We are flexible, if you have any questions, contact us!


At the age of 9 I went first time white water kayaking and it has been infected me with the fever ever since. I have been schooling on the beautiful Soča since 2013 where I also settled down and started a family. Even after such a long time, I still enjoy every day on the water, whether basic course or advanced. I am 34 years old, German and have been living in Slovenia,Soča Valley for 5 years now. Boating grounds me and I am connected to nature. After working for Soča Kayakschool for a long time, I founded the Alpin Kayak Academy in 2021.
France river


For 3 years I have been strongly connected with the Soča and that is why I have been a kayak instructor for 3 seasons. For me, boating is living in the moment in connection with our nature. Sporting performance is also part of it. I love to help people with their view on kayaking. I am 26 years old, Dutch and in winter I am busy with my IT studies.